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1921 : Creation of the Origin Company by Laurent Bonnans, for General Machining , with central activity as workshop for Marine Overhaul on Mecanical parts.

1958 : Raymond Bonnans takes the lead after his father and create the Company " SA Ateliers Mécaniques d'Arenc" - AMA. The field of activity is Machining part and tools for the rising "SNIAS Marignanne" developping aeronautical business in the area.

1962 : Creation of the "SA Protec Metaux d'ARENC (PMA)" specialized in surfaces treatment to answer the needs of "SNIAS Marignanne"

1980 :Creation of the "SA Service Inter Industrie (SII)"who, to answers the needs of Eurocopter to machine complex parts and produce mechanical sets.

1989 :Creation of the "SA PRODEM" located in Toulouse specialized in surfaces treatment to answer the needs of Aérospatiale Toulouse. This sector is in fast expanding in the area due to the Airbus family success.

1991 :Creation of the SA Holding BONNANS.The statregy developped since 1962 is materialized by the creation of the group managed by CEO Eric Bonnans

2015 : New BONNANS Headquarters and SII Plant location in Marignane

New SII Plant - ZAC les Florides - MARIGNANE